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  • Topic Webinar - Singing for carers of those with health conditions
    Topic Webinar - Singing for carers of those with health conditions
    Tue, 18 Jun
    Zoom (joining details 1 hour before)
    18 Jun 2024, 11:30 – 13:00
    Zoom (joining details 1 hour before)
    A chance to learn about inspiring work in this growing field, with insights into practice, funding and partnerships and research and evaluation.

Our events

Our events cover a wide range of Singing for Health topics and activities:

Podcasts - an inspiring window on specific aspects of Singing for Health, aimed at researchers, practitioners, health professionals and the wider public.

Topic webinars - panel discussions on singing and specific health conditions, e.g. singing and dyslexia & dyspraxia, singing, setting up dementia choirs.

Insights webinars - a look inside areas of practice and/or ways to develop your work, e.g. singing in children's hospitals, navigating the NHS.

Research webinars - presentations by researchers on Singing for Health studies, as well as insights into research design and ethics.

ThinkTanks - group discussions around key topics requiring in-depth discussion and action, e.g. singing for immigrants, refugees & asylum seekers, ramping up Social Prescribing.

Training & CPD - offering development opportunities in areas of need.

Conferences - addressing big topics, e.g. Children & Young People's mental health & wellbeing.

And of course we'll be adding more articles and research summaries, and signposting to other Singing for Health opportunites.


Previous Network events
Recordings available for Singing for Health members to view via the Members' Area
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February 2024: Singing for Acquired Brain Injury & Neurological Conditions - research webinar


January 2024: The Health Professional's Perspective - insights webinar

September 2023: Social Prescribing for Music Groups - What Next? - webinar with Making Music

September 2023: An Introduction to Social Prescribing for Music Professionals - webinar with ISM Trust

May & June 2023: Singing for Mental Health and Wellbeing - 

Spotlight on Children and Young People - online conference

April 2023: Singing for Health and Navigating the NHS - insights webinar


Spring 2023: Trauma-Informed Singing training

November 2022: Singing and Neurodiversity - topic webinar

October 2022: Running a Dementia-Friendly Singing Group - topic webinar

September 2022: Singing and Lung Health - RCT - research webinar

August 2022: Singing and Older People - a new study from Norway - research webinar

July 2022: Singing in Children's Hospitals - topic webinar

March 2022: Singing for Pain - webinar

February 2022: Singing for Health Research online Conference

Insights And Innovations

January 2022: Singing and Children & Young People's Wellbeing - webinar

December 2021: Singing and Lung Health - webinar

November 2021: Singing and Parkinson’s - webinar

November 2021: Singing for Brain Injury/Stroke - webinar

September 2021: Singing and Mental Health - webinar

July 2021: Singing and Social Prescribing -

special interest group/members’ network session 2

May 2021: Singing and Dementia - webinar

April 2021: Singing and Social Prescribing -

special interest group/members’ network session 1

February 2021: Launch webinar

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