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Camlin et al 2020

Group singing as a resource for the development of a healthy public: a study of adult group singing

Daisy Fancourt

Saoirse Finn talks to Dr Daisy Fancourt about her work focusing on the effects of social and cultural participation on health

The Singing Clinic – Building a Singing for Health Programme in partnership with Social Prescribing

​Emily Foulkes shares her experiences of developing Singing for Health work linked to Social Prescribing in Cornwall

Fancourt & Perkins 2018

Effect of singing interventions on symptoms of postnatal depression: three-arm randomised controlled trial

Shlaug et al 2010

From singing to speaking: facilitating recovery from nonfluent aphasia

Daykin et al 2018

What works for wellbeing? A systematic review of wellbeing outcomes for music and singing in adults

My Voice Lifts My Soul - a Singing for Lung Health project during lockdown 2020

Juliet Russell talks about the first UK project to integrate singing for lung health (SLH) approaches for people with lung diseases and those suffering from COVID-19

The way we breathe, the way we move, the way we connect to our body are all vital to the way we sing

Janet Swan, former Speech and Language Therapist, explains how she came to be delivering Singing for Health to 'anyone who feels they would benefit' – i.e. open to all

Behind the data is a human story

Becky Moseley-Morgan reveals some fascinating insights into the benefits of singing for mature voices

Singing for Health - Birmingham's Sufi Choir

Hamid Lea, trustee of the Zawiya Trust, explains how the formation of a Sufi singing group has exceeded all expectations in bringing benefit to young people from South Asian communities in Birmingham.

Phoene Cave on singing and lung health

Phoene Cave - leading specialist in singing and lung health - gives an audio description of the powerful role singing can play in combatting Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Measuring the Unmeasurable

Dave Camlin - musician, composer, music educator and researcher - explores the building up of a picture of group singing that captures more of its profoundly transformational nature. Difficult to quantify in research terms, but of enormous potential value if it can be captured.

London Rhymes

Rosie Adediran talks about singing and writing songs with parents, babies and children

Running Singing for Health Groups

Karen Diamond - herself a sufferer of adult-onset asthma - describes her experiences as a facilitator of two Singing for Health groups in Northern Ireland.

Tamplin et al 2019

ParkinSong: A Controlled Trial of Singing- Based Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Singing and Parkinson's

Vocal coach and choral facilitator Elizabeth Drwal Stuttard presents two films exploring raising proprioceptive awareness in community singers with Parkinson’s through Laban based movement warm-ups integrated into the vocal sessions

Music for Wellbeing

Liv McLennan talks about the work of her community interest company and its focus on long-term health conditions

Singing for Better Health

Udita Everett describes the essential role that singing has played in helping older people and those with long-term health conditions cope with Covid-19

A Pocketful of Starlight: Lighting the flame of hope through music

Irish songwriter, community musician and arts in health practitioner Sadhbh O'Sullivan reflects on the power of music to help people through the toughest of times... such as Covid-19

Persistence is Key

Opera Singer Rachel Hynes shares her experiences of working as a singing practitioner within the health system

Daffern et al 2021

Singing Together, Yet Apart: The Experience of UK Choir Members and Facilitators During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Williams, Dingle & Clift 2018

A systematic review of mental health and wellbeing outcomes of group singing for adults with a mental health condition

The Power of Training for Singing for Health

Marika Rauscher describes how her ongoing journey to learn more about the voice has transformed her practical as a vocal coach and vocal leader

Han et al 2018

Individual Therapeutic Singing Program for Vocal Quality and Depression in Parkinson’s Disease

How singing affects health & wellbeing

Dr Sarah Andersen describes her experiences of singing in the tiny Norwegian city of Namsos, and her continuing work to understand more about the wellbeing aspects of singing.

Leading Singing Sessions on Zoom

Pauline Down describes leading sessions on Zoom with Re-Live's Coming Home Choir - the frustrations, the surprises, the deep sense of connection and mutual support, and the expanding heart

Anthony Bourdain

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