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The Singing for Health Network, working with partners across the singing and health sectors, has created free, dowloadable guides for Social Prescribers/Link Workers and leaders of choirs & singing groups across the UK. These are designed to support successful referrals to choirs and a happier, healthier singing nation! So if you're a social prescriber or run a choir or singing group and would like to find out more, simply click on the relevant button to download the PDF:

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N.B. these resources are provided free-of-charge. The Singing for Health Network is not-for-profit, so if you would like to make a donation please click here. Alternatively/additionally, you can join the network for just £25 per year.


What about instrumental groups?

We've teamed up with Making Music to produce similar guides for instrumental groups.

You can download these for free from the Making Music website.

Watch Making Music's webinar about music and Social Prescribing here.

Presented by SHN Manager Baz Chapman and Social Prescriber Sue Moorchild.

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New to the Singing for Health Network? Find out more about us and our work here, and consider joining for only £25 per year to access our resources and events, and become part of the network that's helping to drive the Singing for Health Movement.

Recommended background reading

Singing, Wellbeing and Health: context, evidence and practice

Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health:

National Academy for Social Prescribing

A hugely valuable source of information, advice, case studies, and evidence.

General update on Social Prescribing

Latest updates from the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance. Includes latest on quality assurance.

UK map

UK nation links to

Social Prescribing overviews


Northern Ireland



Listings of arts for health groups.

Social Prescribing in CAMHS: A Guide for Practitioners

The Social Biobehavioural Research Group has published a guide Social Prescribing in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services that can support those working in CAMHS to develop and scale social prescribing services.

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